Revitalize yourselves, charge your batteries and refresh your inner world and body. In our luxurious and soothing hotel we offer you two ways to achieve that. The first is with our amazing fresh juices from the JUICY BAR, the new trend which just arrived from the cosmopolitan metropolises, which combine fruit and vegetables in a unique way, to detox and energize your body. The second is with the amazing SEA OF SPA products. Unique therapeutic and cosmetic products, which combine the power and the 26 minerals of the water and mud from the Dead Sea.

Unique combinations of fruits and vegetables. Cost: 4€

The power of the Dead Sea

The therapeutic and cosmetic properties of water and mud from the Dead Sea have been a wide-known secret for many centuries. The high concentration of salt and 26 other minerals in the water and mud from the Dead Sea rejuvenates cells, soothes and relaxes the muscles and skin.
Water from the Dead Sea, found in all our care products, has a highly penetrative power, transferring all the nutritional ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.




A power cell rejuvenation treatment to revive and strengthen the immune system and promote well-being with water and mud from the Dead Sea. It improves skin appearance dramatically.
Duration: 75'Cost: 70€
The secret of Cleopatra's beauty in an enjoyable treatment with mud from the Dead Sea and nutritional body butter with a wonderful aroma.
Duration: 60'Cost: 60€
Use this treatment for a firm skin, against cellulite and to lose fat through the use of mud and the special seaweed cream.
Duration: 30'Cost: 45€
An intoxicating aroma of jasmine and nurturing body butter with 26 minerals and vitamin Α and Ε for firm skin and protection.
Duration: 40'Cost: 35€
They improve the texture of the skin and restore balance to the body.
Duration: 50'Cost: 35€
A relaxing massage with intoxicating aromatic oils which have all the minerals of the Dead Sea.
Duration: 30'Cost: 40€
A hydrating and soothing treatment which improves the skin's elasticity.
Duration: 30'Cost: 35€
A treatment for the immediate relief of troubled skin with a noticeable improvement of the skin's appearance. The improvement is vivid and obvious even in the most difficult cases.
Duration: 50'Cost: 40€
Skin preparation for exposure to the sun, with a nutritious and deeply hydrating treatment with oils and body butter containing minerals which penetrate deep into the skin's layers.
Duration: 50'Cost: 50€


The miracle of collagen! A powerful cell rejuvenation treatment.
Duration:70'Cost: 90€
The miracle of the black pearl in combination with the minerals of the Dead Sea provide immediate glow and rejuvenation. An ideal anti-aging treatment, rich in antioxidants which stimulates the creation of collagen.
Duration:70'Cost: 60€
An anti-aging treatment for firmness, with an immediate improvement on the outline of the face. A dramatic improvement for tired, dehydrated and mature skin.
Duration: 40'Cost: 50€
Impressive treatment exclusively for the neck and cleavage area. Ideal for dehydrated and tired skin in the cleavage area.
Duration: 40'Cost: 45€
Deep hydration and fresh skin. 
Διάρκεια: 30'Κόστος: 60€
The best result you could get from a single treatment
Duration: 45'Cost: 40€
A treatment with a power antioxidant action against free radicals. The cells' metabolic processes are accelerated and the result is a glowing and clean skin.
Duration: 20'Cost: 40€
Deep hydration and considerable reduction of wrinkles around the eyes. A rested look and a fresher and younger face.
Duration: 30'Cost: 35€
This treatment combines the treatment of oils with the 26 minerals from the Black Sea and the miracle of the Black Pearl. It leaves the skin soft, glowing and revitalized.
Duration: 50'Cost: 40€
Relaxation, hydration and nurturing with antioxidant hippophae and olive.
Duration: 50'Cost: 40€
An ideal treatment for tired skin which has been dehydrated by the environmental conditions and the passage of time.
Duration: 55'Cost: 50€
Never before has hyaluronate had so impressive results in filling wrinkles at the outline of the face and lipsCost: 80€
The new treatment with volcanic ash and Mg increases the body's magnetism, having an energetic effect with wonderful results.Cost: 15€
Treat your hands with Dead Sea minerals and oils and get the softest touch, combined with your regular manicure.Cost: 20€
Soft exfoliation with Dead Sea minerals with grape fruit essential oils and oils from avocado, olive and coconut, combined with your regular pedicure.Cost: 25€
All the products used for the treatments can be purchased so you can continue your treatment at home. Ask for more information at the Spa's reception.
The SPA is open daily! An appointment is required!
  • Massage
    • Massage Rejuvance: 35-45min 55€
    • Massage Ayiuverda: 35-45min 65€
    • Relaxing Massage: 35-45min 55€
    • Swedish Massage: 35-45min 55€
    • Hot Stone Massage: 35-45min 55€
    • Back– Neck: 35-45min 55€
    • Thai Yoga Massage (Traditional Massage): 60min 70€
  • Facial treatment: 25€
  • Epilation with wax: 20€
  • Epilation with a thread (face): 6€
  • Hair salon

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